How to take care of your chew jewelry safely?

1. Your jewelry is made to order only and prepared exclusively by me (no one else handles it) with all the necessary hygiene rules

2. Once finished, the jewel is put in an envelope and remains there for 24 hours before being always deposited in a yellow box of the Post office (no parcel, no registered, no letter with follow-up)

3. When receiving your envelope by post, leave it aside and open it 24 hours after receiving it

4. If your accessory is made of silicone, you can easily clean it in the dishwasher or sterilizer. If your accessory contains wood and/or metal, you can clean it with soap and hot water (do not soak!) or with white vinegar (natural method and safe for babies, but not officially recognized as a disinfectant). Let it dry naturally. To prevent the wood from becoming rough, use a small amount of olive or rapeseed.

I hope we will overcome this crisis quickly and yet it's so simple: take care of yourself and above all stay at home!


What does "food grade silicone" mean? 

Food-grade silicone means it's safe to come into contact with food, non-toxic and contains no chemicals. Safe to touch and play for toddlers and ideal for allergy sufferers. We only supply premium quality pearls, which have been tested and certified to food standards. It is free of BPA, cadmium, phthalates, lead, PVC and latex.

Is silicone safe for my child?

Silicone is certified non-toxic and meets safety standards regarding toxin levels. It is ideal for small children to chew on because it is perfectly spongy to soothe sore gums. But it doesn't stop there! It's great for sensory skills and many of the designs are also very visually stimulating.
Note: Silicone necklaces and bracelets will NEVER meet toy standards and are NOT safe for baby to play on their own without supervision: strangulation hazard. They must ALWAYS be worn by an adult. 

Is beech safe for my child? 

Our beechwood teethers have been independently tested and certified to safety standards. They make great natural, chemical-free teethers, and some babies like to chew on hardwood too!

General information and care

What are the benefits of teething rings? 

Excellent for soothing sore gums of a teething baby, it's non-toxic and the silicone has the perfect softness to chew on. It is also easy to clean and does not absorb any odors or promote the growth of bacteria, fungi or mold. IIt is also ideal for sensory stimulation, encouraging concentration and coordination as well as visual stimulation.

How can I take care of my silicone or wooden accessory? 

Before and after each use, rinse the accessory with warm, soapy water.

If you have a wooden teether, it is recommended to wipe it only with a cloth dampened with water or a baby wipe. If you feel the need to wash it, run it under warm, soapy water and then wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. Wooden accessories cannot be refrigerated or submerged in water. 

To maintain the shine of your accessory, use a small amount of vegetable oil such as olive oil.

If you have a teething accessory exclusively in silicone, it is washable in the sterilizer and in the dishwasher (upper compartment). You can leave it in the fridge for 1 hour after running it under water to relieve baby teething pain.

Why wear sensory jewelry? 

Teething necklaces, also called "silicone necklace", "carrying necklace", "nursing necklace" or "maternity jewelry", are intended for mothers (and adults) and should NEVER be given to the baby as a toy.

These jewels can really make a new mother's life easier, even if she is not breastfeeding. It's a wonderful accessory for mom to express herself in color or visually stimulate baby with something soft to the touch without pollutants. They are also popular to wear during feeding to help an active baby relax and fiddle with the collar instead of pulling hair or waving arms around. It thus makes feeding and babywearing more pleasant and more comfortable. Our jewelry is safe because it is attached with a strong cord, tied with knots and has a safety clasp that makes it easy to release when you pull sharply. 

Sensory jewelry for children can be worn from the age of 3. Non-toxic, they are designed according to trends and can be harmoniously matched with their seasonal clothing. Made with silicone and wooden beads, their soft touch also promotes concentration and calms anxious children. All necklaces are equipped with a secure clasp that opens automatically if too much pressure is exerted on it, thus avoiding hurting the child's neck and avoiding any risk of strangulation.

How should I store my teething accessories and jewellery?

Your accessory is delivered in a 100% cotton pouch with all the information, which is always practical! And this is also very useful for storing the product when not in use to keep it clean.
Do not leave it in direct sunlight.

Is there a recommended age for babies to have a teether? 

A teething ring can be used already from the first weeks! It is ideal for stimulating baby and attracting his attention.
And of course, it's perfect for teething. It happens at any time, although often around 6 months. But some babies are born with teeth, and others don't have them for a year!

Are pacifier clips safe?

Our one design is safe, non-toxic and odorless. It is made with silicone beads, wood and a silicone or metal clip. They are neither a toy nor a teether and should not be used to replace a toy.

Can the pacifier clip be extended to hold more beads/letters? 

No – due to length restrictions regarding safety standards, the pacifier clip cannot be longer than 22cm without the clip.

Can I personalize a product? 

Yes, all products can be made to measure according to your wishes. Please count a supplement of CHF 5 per product.
You can tell us the colors of your choice as well as personalize a pacifier clip or teething ring with a first name, initials, etc.

Orders, Returns, Warranties

What is the processing time for my order?

Orders are processed and shipped typically within 5-7 business days of receipt of payment. For urgent orders, please contact us by e-mail

In case of out of stock, Câlin Bohème informs the customer and endeavors to deliver within a reasonable period of 1 to 3 weeks.

Can I return an item?

The customer has a right of return within 14 days of the arrival of the goods at his home. If the customer is not completely satisfied, he has the possibility of returning at his own expense the goods in perfect condition in their original packaging within 14 days via an insured and traceable return service following receipt of the goods. The product may be refunded or replaced by a voucher for the equivalent value of the product in the form of a promo code to be used for any order on the website in order to satisfy the buyer.

For items with personalization: Unless we are mistaken, any personalized product is not exchangeable or refundable unless it arrives damaged or defective.

In the event of return by mail not followed, and lost by the service of the Post office, no refunding will be carried out.

What are the delivery costs?

Câlin Bohème delivers worldwide.
Delivery is free in Switzerland (A mail shipping without tracking)
Please visit the page Delivery for rates with tracking.

How can I track my order?

Only orders that have chosen the delivery method with tracking (tracking) can have shipping tracking.

What are the guarantees?

Our products are guaranteed for 90 days in case of breakage. They can be exchanged for an identical item or replaced by a voucher for the equivalent value of the product in the form of a promo code to be used for any order on the website. in order to satisfy the buyer. Câlin Bohème does not exchange or refund used, damaged or broken accessories older than 90 days with invoice.

The guarantee takes effect on the date of delivery of the article justified by the email of confirmation of sending which we ask you to keep carefully. Damage due to improper maintenance or non-compliance with the operating instructions is not covered.